We are sports cappers from USA and Europe. Our speciality is Basketball (NBA, NCAA) and Baseball (MLB). We also provide valuable picks in different sports like Tennis, NFL and NHL. Our focus is on the matches with strong leads, verified info and insiders. Before we post a pick we create players analytics, statistical modeling, technical and fundamental analysis using our own betting models.

Our analytics team is working every day to bring you best high value picks so you can get advantage over bookies. Our motto is “Quality over quantity”, we don’t want to spam you with average picks but we want to send you only the best high value ones so you can profit while not being forced to bet all the time.

By means of statistical, technical and fundamental analysis we deliver picks that deliver the highest returns.
Statistical analysis scrapes, at a minimum, offensive ratings, defensive ratings and team pace to yield lines similar to those that Vegas would create. By finding the greatest deviations from what Vegas has actually set out we can find value in a particular set of lines.
Technical analysis takes into account a variety of line movement indicators that would show value in one side of the line or the other. One such used technique is reverse line movement (RLM). When we see line movement in the opposite direction despite the majority of the bets being on the other side, we capitalize on this data and factor it into our picks.
Fundamental analysis is what we term the more artistic side of our picks. When a star player is injured, we scour the data and determine their worth on a spread and alter the line ourselves.
When all of these add up to break our pick threshold, we send them out to you!
And you didn’t even have to get your hands dirty.